Business Investments

About Us

Chaincorp Family Office (“Chaincorp”) is a private investment firm established in 1995 to exclusively manage the assets of the Chainani Family.

Today, the Chainani Family through Chaincorp, mainly invest in the following sectors: Real Estate, Telecommunications, Media and Technology, Renewable Energies, Start-Ups and in Financial Markets.

The know-how acquired during generations, has allowed us to evolve to a management model focused on a reasonable risk-profitability balance, and aimed to permit the continuity and development of our family business through future generations.

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Financial Markets Investments

"An Investor has to do very few things well, if he avoids making big mistakes"


Chaincorp’s investment philosophy is focused on absolute return, which adopts a conservative approach but without sacrificing capital gains. Our fundamental management principles are: Medium to long-term Growth, Simplicity, Diversification and a clear definition and understanding of the risks we assume.

Our selection of Financial Markets Investments is based on the construction of a simple, liquid and transparent portfolio, which we fully understand and whose results we can anticipate depending on the direction of the markets:

  • We prioritize the purchase of direct assets (stocks, bonds) over investment funds.
  • In equity investments we look for investment-grade strong companies with large capitalization, strong EBITDA, large free-float and strong fundamentals.
  • We are vigilant in the construction of our fixed income portfolio, especially in the quality of the issuers.
  • When investing in those assets who have special characteristics they have to be: high yield, convertibles, commodities, emerging equities and/or emerging fixed income.
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Investment opportunities


Chaincorp is always looking to invest in new opportunities

If you are looking for a Business Investment and/or you would like to share with us a Business Proposal, please get in touch with us!