"An Investor has to do very few things well, if he avoids making big mistakes"

Chaincorp’s investment philosophy is focused on absolute return, which adopts a conservative approach but without sacrificing capital gains. Our fundamental management principles are:
Medium to long-term Growth, Simplicity, Diversification and a clear definition and understanding of the risks we assume.


Management Model

We have adopted a perfectly defined management model whose decisions are made through three key bodies: Board of Directors, Management Committee and Investment Committee.


Asset Selection

Our selection of assets is based on the construction of a simple, liquid and transparent portfolio, which we fully understand and whose results we can anticipate depending on the direction of the markets

  • We prioritize the purchase of direct assets (stocks, bonds) over investment funds.
  • In equity investments we look for investment-grade strong companies with large capitalization, strong EBITDA, large free-float and strong fundamentals.
  • We are vigilant in the construction of our fixed income portfolio, especially in the quality of the issuers.
  • When investing in those assets who have special characteristics they have to be: high yield, convertibles, commodities, emerging equities and emerging fixed income.

Risk Control

Risk control is our absolute priority, being present at all levels and stages of the management process, establishing strict policies:

  • Control of portfolio liquidity: All positions that make up our portfolio are liquid and immediately cashable.
  • Diversification and distribution of assets: We carry out a diversification of our positions not only in assets but also in managers, sectors, geographical areas, issuers and currencies.
  • We continuously monitor the return of our portfolio with our own internal controls.