Chaincorp Family Office (“Chaincorp”) is a private investment firm established in 1995 to exclusively manage the assets of the Chainani Family.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the Chainani Family was started over a Hundred years ago by the late Honourable Mr. Bodanmal Chabaldas Chainani, a self-made young entrepreneur from the village of Hala Purana, Sindh (then in undivided India), realised early in life that business was all about spotting opportunities and seizing them, wherever they surfaced. In the ealy 1900´s, he travelled to a major trade port city, Tétouan – Morrocco where he quickly learnt the ropes of business. In 1915, the business journey continued to Ceuta – Spain, where he opened Retail Commerce Outlets in Ceuta and Melilla – Spain and Tétouan & Tangier – Morrocco.

Today, the Chainani Family through Chaincorp, mainly invest in the following sectors: Real Estate, Telecommunications, Media and Technology, Renewable Energies, Start-Ups and in Financial Markets.

The know-how acquired during generations, has allowed us to evolve to a management model focused on a reasonable risk-profitability balance, and aimed to permit the continuity and development of our family business through future generations.

We have been able to build a highly competent management team, who shares with us the same values and enthusiasm, with a total commitment to Chaincorp and to our family. We believe that with hard work, eagerness and dedication we will successfully achieve our goals and objectives.