We search, identify, analyse and purchase real estate assets that comply with the quality standards of the group.

Chaincorp provides its experience in managing real estate and in the commercialization of available spaces to maximise the profitability of its real estate assets.

Chaincorp, due to its vast Real Estate experience and knowledge of the area, has access to the best assets of the market that come from all type of stakeholders (i.e. Private Equity Firms, Commercial Banks, Investment Banks, Brokerage Houses, Auction Houses, Real Estate Servicers, Government Agencies, Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, etc.)

Based on the objectives of profitability and risk that Chaincorp has defined on its Strategic Plan, the established investment guidelines for the real estate assets (commercial, residential, industrial, technological and logistic parks) are the following:

  • Preference for assets in established areas and in prime locations, having high solvency tenants and high percentage of usage/occupation
  • Distressed Real Estate Assets
  • Liquidation Portfolios of Real Estate Assets
  • Unoccupied Land Parcels

In order to evaluate with complete accuracy the potential investments that we analyse, we realise an exhaustive due diligence of the legal estate situation, its architectural integrity and possible hidden vices, as well as the commercial dynamic of the location where the asset is placed.

Chaincorp is always looking to invest in new opportunities

If you are looking for a Business Investment and/or you would like to share with us a Business Proposal, please get in touch with us via